Monday, October 27, 2008

Would You Like To Undress Britney


It's photos like this that make me want to undress Britney. Her little tank top showing her cleavage, who wouldn't want to undress Britney. People talk bad about her, but given the chance, most guy's would want to undress Britney.

My god look at Britney Spears in her shiny pink short red dress and tell me you wouldn't want to undress Britney. This shot doesn't show Britney cleavege but it does have a great upskirt pic of Britney panties. I would live to undress Britney out of her cute little white panties.

This is the hottest picture that makes me want to udress Britney. You can see this Britney upskirt is very hot. Her pretty white Britney Spears panties would look wo good down around her knees while I was undress Britney. I wonder how anyoone could walk away from her, crazy or not. I mean her being crazy makes me want to undress britney even more.

I am going to be posting more britney spears upskirt, and britney spears panties photos in the near future. Also some more Britney spears cleveage pictures.

You should leave a comment and let me know what kind of photos make you want to undress Britney. Is it britney upskirt, britney panties, or Britney Cleveage.

I think for me its the upskirt photos that do it the most. I also like the Britney Spears Bikini, and the flashing photos. I hope this post gives you some good dreams like I have of Britney undress.

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