Saturday, September 13, 2008

News Britney Spears Mom Say's "No Remorse"

Lynne Spears says, she makes plenty of parenting errors, but there is no remorse about her daughters, Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn, or their dreams of glory.

"I think you have to allow their dreams. I think it will be worse in the end, if not," Spears, 53, told People magazine in an interview marked the publication next week of its long-awaited memorial.

How Britney's star rose, Spears said she felt that he lost control of his daughter, and how they represent.

"I am with other people talk about things that I felt good on instinct," said popular.

Memories "With storm: A Real Story of Fame and the family in the world Tabloid", published by Thomas Nelson, editor of Christian Bibles and books for inspiration.

This chronic Spears family during the phenomenal Britney Spears at the end of their connections 199Os and the media.

Originally scheduled for May release, the book was published in January by Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, announced in a celebrity magazine, said she was pregnant.

In excerpts of letters, which concluded on Friday published in People magazine, Spears has rejected criticism that the mother or step tries to use his career daughters. "I was simply not as big ambitions (Britney), which has been accused," she writes. "Much has been written, how to work with us in our daughters to escape from the ruins. Ha!"

Despite the removal means that she saw on television research Britney shave her head, taken in February 2007 and in hysterics hospital in January this year, said Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, was the toughest period of his life.

Spears written, they were shocked, sad and angry when Jamie Lynn, as it had thought was a young woman, the currency broke through the issuance of his mother out the reasons: "Mama, I'm pregnant. I will keep the child and everything will be okay."

Former stars of the Nickelodeon television hit young people "Zoey 101" was the girl in June and now determine the baby with her boyfriend in her home in Mississippi.

"Every parent makes mistakes, and I'm not another" Spears wrote, was sharply criticized in the media for their parents.

Spears says that she believed that there was a loss of control in 1999, when Britney, then 17, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in his underwear. She said that the magazine has Britney photographer in his room by himself during the shooting.

"When I stepped on the ceiling, poured my heart and my face burned," wrote Spears, resigned from his position as a teacher in 2002, with Britney Spears on the route.

Spears has been criticized for parents, said that people "want the truth in his own words for me and my family."

In the souvenir shops, hits a week after a happy, Glamour Britney Spears collected three statuettes MTV Video Music Awards two years after the date on which the court, his travels, rehabilitation hospitals and overshadowed his career. Over the past nine months, the father of Britney in his hand, the management of its affairs, she appointed a bruising divorce and custody of children and works to battle his sixth album, expected in 2009.

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