Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Britney Spears Children To Start Acting

K-Fed says the sooner, the better...

Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline wants to get their sons, Preston and Jayden, who turn two and three this month, into acting. This is said to have made Britney livid as she feels the boys are already subject to too much exposure. K-Fed has a laid back approach to it, and thinks that if they're happy and having fun with it, there's no harm.

Britney, who's been performing since she was 8 years old, "blew up when Kevin asked her about letting the kids act," says a source. "She has said she would support them if they wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood - but when they're old enough to actually know if they want to be in the industry. She wants them to have a normal childhood and feels like they are in the limelight quite enough as it is."

Despite her opposition, Kevin has quietly taken the boys to audition for TV and film projects around L.A. He "thinks it can be a good outlet for them," explains the source, because "Preston and Jayden are always singing and dancing around the house. They're total clowns, even at their toddler playgroup, My Gym. Kevin feels it's okay as long as they are watched over carefully and not pushed into it." And right now, the kids are having a blast. Adds the source, "Kevin hopes Britney will come around when she realized how much fun they're having."

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Britney Court Hearing Delayed

If you recall, Britney Spears got in some driver’s license trouble a year ago and has been waiting for a court ruling since then. However, Judge James Steele decided that Britney is going to wait some more pushing the hearing originally scheduled for today - back to September 16th. By that date the judge should arrive at a decision whether she is heading to trial, going to pay a fine or going to be dismissed.

For those of you with short memory, Britney got in trouble because she never bothered to get a California driver’s license while she’s been living there for years. This is, apparently, very illegal and sometime along her downfall late last year one smart cop suddenly noticed that.

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