Friday, September 12, 2008

America's Got Talent Top Ten Picked

America s got talent 2008: Americas's Got Talent has given us the first "The results show that" we love, but they were for us, as they are now the top 10 and must maintain shorter than most of that nature. Jerry Springer has announced that the 10 will be determined tonight that ten facts to see their journey end tonight. In this case, the RTM, we have our things and it is amazing how in the United States really not the fact that we were too much for him returned. Much remains to be done in a short period of time, can register.

The group stretched into the stadium, the group held with Jerry, although ten of the acts han ido faster. Jerry chatted judges quickly, and then you have seen on Tuesday and recalled performance. Jerry immediately called The Zooperstars Wright and children, without their costumes for the first time and we have seen children Wright, rüttelte the other evening, before the comics in a large broken, l 'one of the favorites among Judges Emily Neal E. Boyd and Queen seemed when they were returned, Sharon Osbourne had to drop the jaw of disbelief. OK… I cheat because they did to make us stop and think to be true. Jerry has announced that the next act was "two of them."

Dance Extreme FX James Gang and then have to pass in front of the stage and Jerry has announced that the United States after the vote that both were in competition. America s got talent finalists

The next two acts are in the battery, cadence and clone of Frank Sinatra, Paul places to see the increase would be upwards and 10 in a bit of a shock, Paul Career search drums. Jerry Jens named Daniel and Jessica to end prices at the scene with him, and judges decided that the association was beforehand. David was the first to decide, and was horrified when first and foremost. David said that respects both but has decided that Jessica should go further. Sharon was neighbour and decide, if at complementing and Daniel, while Piers tested, has decided that Jessica had the chops.

The second group of ten events that took place yesterday evening, are now on stage and Jerry Stephenson Maher called disease and Kaitlyn on the front of the stage to perform the results. I must admit that it was a strange place to see all these little black children are four years, but in the end, it's like David and Goliath, how they killed the Hip-Hop children in their titles. Another difficult decision that Donald Bras Well Vatis and against the exploitation of the coast and in the United States, which voted in favour, Donald Bras Good returns to competition, have their love for him and the Popes to the interception operation discount.

Apparently, it is more difficult and more stringent than Taubl family and Nuttin But Stringz have been prepared before his next. With the talent NBS unclear whether the performance site, in the United States, which has de facto and de jure NBS on the skin 10.Sarah Lenore and Eli Mattson Strode front and know that there is already a blonde singer in too many competitions and clearly that talent was overwhelming Eli, Eli took the election in the United States.

For the final decision, Baton Twirling, Jonathan and Burkina want to be Elvis Joseph's Hall was left out at the hands of judges should be, what the decision even more difficult. Piers began by saying that it was a difficult decision, but decided, with Jose because he has more potential in it. Sharon to vote quickly to soften, saying they wanted, Jonathan, based on the Hoff with the sad decision last.

Jerry went to a commercial activity, the two competitors, sweat and even more if the advertising is coming to an end, David has done in the last… Joseph Hall. Therefore, here are your Top Ten Wright are for children, Neal E. Boyd, Emily Queen, Paul Salas, Jessica Price, Kaitlyn Maher, Donald Bras Well, Nuttin But Stringz, Eli Mattson and Joseph Hall. Americas not have an enviable position, but one thing is clear, these artists have better support for "A game" every week or his trip to the top 10 short-lived.

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