Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heidi Klum Wants To Help Britney Spears

The AP is reporting that Heidi Klum wants to help Britney Spears.

The 34-year-old model says that she would even open her home to Spears as the pop singer struggles to put her life back together.

Klum, a mother of three is married to singer Seal and lives in Beverly Hills, California.

The host of Bravo's "Project Runway" tells German broadcaster ARD, in an interview to be aired Monday, that she's sorry when a young person gets thrown so off track.

But Klum says she would "help set her straight." She says Spears can call her and even come live in her house for a couple of months.

After more than a year of bizarre behaviour and two stints in a psychiatric hospital this year, Spears was placed under a conservatorship by the Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner at the beginning of February. Conservatorships are established when a court determines someone cannot take care of themselves or their affairs.

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Britney's Drama Continues

All of the drama that surrounds Britney continues, with her ongoing battles involving lawyer's and money.

Britney is desperate for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to step in and help, in her ongoing battle's with mom and dad over her estate, and exactly what should be done about her entire fortune.

Who should control Britney's cash and have her civil rights actually been violated?

Her lawyer John Eardley is busy filing briefs, her manager Sam Lutfi has been restrained and the mess that is Britney's wild, life is now not only playing house with the paparazzi but working overtime with all kinds of requests as well.

So now what?

Spears' first husband, Jason Allen Alexander, has come out with shocking allegations that Britney Spears doesn't really want custody of her two sons.

Certainly she would like control of her cash again; it is really putting a stress on all things Britney with dad Jamie Spears pulling the purse strings.

Should he really be taken off the Britney cash and care patrol? Many wonder if anyone besides dad Jamie is on Britney's side.

Too bad the Britney doesn't really seem to understand that right now.

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