Monday, March 24, 2008

Britney Spears News

Britney Spears spends Easter in Malibu with parents.

Britney spent the Easter weekend with her mother and father at her Malibu beach home - her first visit to the property in months.
The currently shut-in Britney is said to have seen friends on Saturday and was spotted taking a quiet stroll along Pacific Cove with Jamie and Lynne Spears on Sunday morning.
A source close to the family explained: “They thought it would be a nice relaxing break for her, a change of scene without being too different to cause her any stress or anxiety.
The visit is also said to be a goodbye visit to the rented property. Britney’s conservators Jamie Spears and estate lawyer Andrew Wallet are said to have been given permission to end the lease on the $30,000 a month house in a bid to save money, and Jamie is also said to be considering moving the star back to the family’s home town in Louisiana to take her away from the “bad influences” in Los Angeles.

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Breaking News: Britney Spears

Anne Lu - Celebrity News Service News Writer

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - Britney Spears' dad is set to take her away from Los Angeles' decadent lifestyle. Jamie Spears, who was granted conservatorship over his famous daughter's affairs, is reportedly planning to force her to move back in to their family home in Louisiana.

Jamie's strategy is just one of his many plans to make certain Britney, 26, will stay away from "bad influences." Among his other ideas are a court request to keep her away from clubs, drugs, and her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

An insider reveals, "Britney has been feeling lonely and isolated since her dad has taken control of her life. He hopes to take her back to Louisiana where she will be surrounded by her family."

"Jamie also hopes it will give her the chance to mend her troubled relationship with her mom and her recent rift with her pregnant sister. And he hopes to keep her away from the negative L.A. scene and people who've been using her."

After their sibling falling-out, Britney and her 16-year-old pregnant sister Jamie Lynn have reportedly been keeping in touch nowadays. The pop star is apparently giving the Nickelodeon star's soon-to-be-born child baby stuff and toys without regard to the price tags.

Meanwhile, Britney is also reportedly planning to open her own dance studio. She has recently been giving young children dance lessons and found it enjoyable.

A source tells celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's site, "It wil lbe right near Millenium [her favorite dance studio in the Valley]. And she plans to call it The Basement."

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News: Britney Spears Won’t Perform At Gibson’s Church

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson has shot down rumors claiming that Britney Spears would be performing a gospel gig at his church.

Rumors started off after a British tabloid The Mirror revealed that the troubled pop star would be performing a gig at his catholic church in California.

The reports also claimed that Spears was to have “a new song written for her for the occasion”,

According to, Gibson’s representative has dismissed the rumours insisting there isn’t “an ounce of truth to it,” .

Gibsons church, known as The Holy Family Catholic Church holds a daily mass in Latin and follows an ancient ideology of Catholicism.

However, it is not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church because it does not acknowledge the authority of the Pope or the Vatican.

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News: Britney Spears Appears On CBS Tonight

(CBS) Britney Spears makes a special guest appearance on tonight's episode of "How I met Your Mother."

Spears will portray a wacky receptionist in love with Ted (Josh Radnor) in the episode. Unfortunately, Ted is in love with the receptionist's boss, a doctor played by "Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke.

During the show, the receptionist undergoes a transformation of sorts.

"Initially, she's wearing glasses and (is) a little mousey and, as she develops this crush, she gets a little foxier, tries to impress me," said Radnor.

After the show, the pop star's wardrobe will be auctioned off online. The money will benefit an environmental organization. A half a dozen items worn by spears will be up for bid for a week.

"How I met Your Mother" airs Monday at 8:30

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