Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kevin Federline: I Will Always be There for Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline has insisted that although he and Britney Spears are divorced, he will always be there to help her whenever she needs it.
Federline and Spears’ have two sons together and the pop stars erratic behavior cost her custody of them.
She is currently only allowed to have supervised visits with the boys.
Federline tells In Touch Weekly that he wants sons Jayden and Sean to always know that their mother and father love them.
“It is so very important to me that my children will always know and never question, that no matter what happened, they have a mommy and daddy who love them very much,” says Federline.
Besides for he and Spears’ sons, he has a daughter and son from his previously relationship with Shar Jackson.
The 30-year-old adds that his children and family “are the most important to me.”

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Latest Britney Spears News

Britneys cousin has confirmed the singer's pregnant sister JAMIE LYNN will wed her longtime boyfriend CASEY ALDRIDGE.

Tina Robinson claims Aldridge, the father of the 16-year-old's unborn child, proposed to Jamie Lynn "a few days ago".

Reports the Zoey 101 star and Aldridge, 18, are engaged to be married surfaced earlier this week when Jamie Lynn was spotted showing off a diamond ring to friends and family in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, and to relatives in Mississippi.

Robinson tells, "He proposed a few days ago, and she accepted.
"They probably weren't expecting (the proposal) to be, like, right now, but, with her being pregnant, that really pushed it up."

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Britney Spoiled Chambers' Hospital Stay

GREY'S ANATOMY star JUSTIN CHAMBERS blames Britney for shining the media spotlig his private battle with exhaustion.

The actor checked himself into UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for a break just days before Spears was admitted into the same hospital in a media frenzy.

And Chambers insists only his family and close friends would have known about his health issues if the hospital hadn't become a hotspot for reporters and the paparazzi.

The 37-year-old tells the new issue of Life & Style magazine, "I only got attention because Britney came. Otherwise, it would've been private."
Even Chambers' Grey's Anatomy castmates didn't know about the actor's hospital stay - until the media alerted them.

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