Friday, February 22, 2008

Britney Spears Fragrance Is Tops

Britney Spears’ problematic life seems to have not affected her when it comes to her scent, what with her perfume topping celebrity fragrance sales.

Britneys' perfume products has made 13 million dollars in the perfume market pushing Kylie Minogue down to second place. And the Beckhams with ‘Victoria for her and David for him’ are in the third spot.

The experts believe that the pop stars highly publicized personal life, including trips to hospital, rehab and court has helped her fragrance to the top.

In other news, Britney has hired a new attorney to represent her in her ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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Britney Spears Video

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A Federal Judge As Extended Sam Lutfi's Restraining Order

Britneys' dad Jamie asked a judge to extend the temporary restraining order – served on Thursday and set to expire a day later on Friday – until the judge rules on an unusual civil rights challenge to the conservatorship.

I for one am glad the judge extended the order.

I think this guy seems to be bad news. I don't think there is enough known about his intentions to allow him to control Miss Spears in her fragile sate of mind.

I applaud the judges order. Here's the story as reported from people magazine...

A federal judge late Thursday extended until March 17 a temporary restraining order preventing Britney Spears's pal Sam Lutfi from approaching the troubled pop star and her family, according to court papers.

The two-page order by U.S. District Judge Phillip Gutierrez was in response to a request by Spears's father Jamie Spears, who is co-conservator of her $100 million estate. READ MORE HERE

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